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Marika Magazine - August Cover with Sammy G

I recently sent in some images from a shoot with Sammy G to Marika Magazine and was excited to get an acceptance letter as it was going to be the models first publication. I'm always happy to get my work out there but I'm especially happy when I get to help open doors for the models I work with. I shared the news with Sammy and she was of course excited. Then comes the waiting game of not sharing the images until the publication comes out. Sometimes it's a few weeks. Sometimes it can be months. Fortunately this time it was the former. I was pleasantly surprised one day to get an email notifying me the magazine had been released, after what had been a really rough day on my end. Always nice to end the day on a positive note right? I opened the link and at first thought "oh cool they sent a tear sheet with the logo on it." Then I noticed it was actually the live link to the published issue, and we had gotten the cover!

So cool for the models first publication to be a cover! I knew they had 4 images they decided to run but no clue about the cover selection.

I hope to work with her again soon, but in the meantime there are several images and many more to come with her on my Patreon page. Check it out at for uncensored images of this shoot and tons more! New content daily!

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