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Huntress Moon

In shadows deep where secrets sleep,

A haunting figure softly creeps.

Born of darkness, a tale untold,

A perfect huntress, her secrets unfold.

In cobblestone streets where fear resides,

She walks with grace, where evil hides.

Her steps like whispers, silent and sly,

A predator prowling under the sky.

With silken hair and eyes of steel,

Her dark desires, a hunger she must conceal.

A lady by day, a monster by night,

She strikes fear in hearts, her victims take flight.

A master of disguise, she weaves her net,

Innocent façade, a dangerous bet.

The world oblivious, unsuspecting eyes,

As she paints the night with crimson cries.

Her weapon, a blade, sharp as her wit,

Carving tales of terror, bit by bit.

Each victim chosen, a dance of desire,

She relishes in chaos, her soul on fire.

But what lies beneath her deadly guise?

A tortured soul, her own demise.

Perhaps a victim of a cruel world's sting,

Seeking vengeance, her darkness takes wing.

In whispers heard, a legend is born,

Of a female Jack, relentless and torn.

The huntress, a tale to fear,

A phantom in shadows, forever near.

Model: Nyx

Images published in Oct. 2022 edition of OpiumRed magazine.

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