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Valorie Mazuma for BlueFrame Magazine

This first shoot with Valorie Mazuma produced several absolutely magical looks. It was one of those times where we went out without a real concrete plan other than find good light, move, shoot, win.

Once again after the shoot we knew we had something good, and wanted to submit them for publication. The hardest part about doing so most of the time is waiting. Waiting to share what you just created with the world until you get answers, and if the answer is yes, until the magazine comes out.

Valorie was patient and in the end it paid off. There are a lot of magazines that will publish previously shared work, and that is great, but the ones with larger audiences tend to want varying degrees of exclusivity. Some don't mind a few images shared on social media, but will reject anything posted on blogs, websites, etc. It can be hard to hold out on something that you know is worth sharing, but waiting is like an investment. Share now and people will say ooh, nice. Next. Wait for those images to mature into a publication and they will undoubtedly gain more traction and be more valuable to you in the long run.

I'm really excited about some upcoming publications with some really great models in some really cool magazines. Even when I'm not shooting specifically for a planned submission or commissioned story, I am always keeping an editorial structure in my head when I shoot. How a series of poses or outfit changes can flow together is a huge contribution to the overall success of a session. It's easy to create a series of one-offs that look good on their own. When you work with me you get the experience of years of editorial work to help your images speak to something greater as a whole than the sum of their parts.

Tap that contact link at the top of the page to tell me how I can help you tell your story.

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