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Kaiser Magazine Vol.07 with Olivia Preston

I was recently featured in Kaiser Magazine volume 7 for with supermegababe Olivia Preston for their Studio Limbo theme. The idea being nothing more than a model, a seamless background, and nothing else to rely on to tell a story. When I saw the call for the theme I knew I had to submit something, as this fits so well with the overreaching theme in my work that you can stylize an image with nothing more than light, expression, and the body and still have it be fashion.

Olivia "wears" her body here in such an elegant yet sexy way. There's no doubt why she has gone on to be such a successful powerhouse of a model!

I was certainly honored to be accepted for inclusion in this issue of Kaiser - there's some rock star shooters and models in this issue you don't want to miss it!

Go to to purchase a copy - you won't regret it!

Lots more of Olivia can be seen uncensored on my Patreon page at

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