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Downtown with Mariah - pt.01

One of many looks shot with the lovely Mariah on a particularly hot day last summer in Portland.

We had a little bit of time to kill before the light would be really decent enough to shoot out in the open, so we spent half an hour or so ducking in and out of whatever shade we could find in the Eastside Industrial area. I really like to take advantage of those "edges" between hard light and shade.

You definitely have to be careful and watch the models facial expressions and angles to ensure the inevitable shadows are flattering to them and to the scene. It can be a millimeters difference between amazing and absolute garbage.

That said, I don't like to micromanage poses and lock the model into a fixed position. I let them move, and rely heavily on a responsive, fast camera, and fast eyes to know when to grab the decisive moment as they move in and out of that shadows edge.

This is one lighting scenario I always look for as an opportunity to take a challenge and turn it into an advantage, and it's plentiful in the "concrete jungle."

Next in Pt. 02 I'll showcase something also plentiful in urban shooting environments but that is a bit more forgiving.

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