How Y'all Been?

I wish I had some crazy story for why I've been absent - kidnapped by pirates? Marooned on a deserted island? In prison for cutting the tag off a mattress?

Unfortunately it's just the normal burdens of life - work, parenthood, etc. When all that stuff piles up something's gotta give and typically for me it's my creative pursuits. It's never far from my mind though, and I typically find that when I take a bit of a break, which I typically do for a few months every year, I come back to it with some new perspective or push my work in a new direction that I wouldn't have if I just stayed the course.

This spring looks good on the scheduling front. I'm looking forward to knocking out a couple of road trip shoots that have been on the back burner for a while but always on my mind. I've got a few publications I'm excited about in the pipeline that will start trickling out shortly. Otherwise I'll keep on keepin on, creating when I can, sharing when I can.


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