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If you're reading this, something went wrong. You shouldn't be here. I'm a relatively obscure fashion, beauty and glamour photographer from the Pacific Northwest. Maybe you took a wrong turn on instagram. Maybe you read one of the many small indie fashion and beauty magazines I contribute to. Maybe google is broken. However, I'm happy to have you. While I've been doing this a long time, honing my craft and putting my work out there wherever possible, photography is NOT my full time gig. I'm a parent, husband, and an operations manager for a busy distribution company. How I find time to plan, execute, edit and publish my work is a mystery, and I hope that through this blog and the discussion it fosters, we'll figure it out together.

Many of you may be photographers, possibly some models, makeup artists, hairstylists, designers, and probably a fair number of people who simply like to look at pretty girls. Some of you probably fit into multiple categories. I promise to try to deliver something of value to all groups. Also - don't be shy. Comment. Ask questions. Criticise. I have thick skin. We'll talk about how to develop that too.

In upcoming blog posts I plan to discuss the ins and outs of working with models, the creative process from concept to publishing, retouching, sources of inspiration, and a whole host of other related topics. If you have specific questions or topics you would like covered - comment here or email me at and I will gladly incorporate what I can.

Thanks for your directional challenges. Lets get lost together.


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